Black Magic

Bad Luck Lock
This is a pretty generic bad luck spell to put on someone when you don't have anything in particular in mind. All you'll need is:
Write a person's name on a piece of paper and fold it over once. Pierce the paper through the center to make a hole. Don't use a hole punch, it has to be pierced with something pointed. Put the hasp of the lock through the hole and lock the lock.

Brush a glob of black paint over the keyhole and on either side of the lock. Hold the lock by the hasp until it dries, while repeating the following:

Blackest lock
Blackest luck
By this spell,
You now are stuck.

Now bury the lock somewhere in your yard, bury the key as close to your target's home as possible. If you don't know where they live, bury it your own yard, but not near the lock

In the Dark of Night

This is a real black magic spell specifically to bring nightmares to another person. You should cast this spell after midnight but before dawn, and be aware that it will make a bit of smoke. Have a window handy. You need:

On the paper or cloth, drawn 3 concentric circles and an x in the center. Set up the dish and charcoal on the x, and the candle outside the circles. Light the charcoal and get it smoldering, put a pinch or two of mugwort on it along with a chunk of resin. When they are both smoking, light the candle.

Watch the smoke rising from the dish and visualize it floating through space to your intended target. It brings nightmares and fear into their sleep, and picture that scene for several minutes and focus on the person.

After a few minutes, put out the charcoal and switch the dish and candle so the candle is on the x. Leave it until it fully burns down. Your victim will have bad dreams starting the next night and it will last for 3 days.

Sweet Apple Enchantment Spell
Don't all good black magic spells include a lock of hair? Well, that's because it's a powerful way to connect another person to your spell. Your supplies for this ritual:

• 1 apple, preferably a red one
• Honey
• A few strands of your hair
• A few strands of your intended lover's hair
• Length of red ribbon or yarn

Slice the apple sideways across the middle, so you can see the star formed by the seeds. Spread honey on either half of the apple. Take the strands of hair, and twist or braid them together.
Put the hairs between the two halves, and tie the apple back together with the ribbon. Tie it tightly. Bury the apple either outside, or in a large flower pot (outside is best). You'll find your desired lover start to show a strong interest in you almost immediately.

Your Heart by Mine Bath Spell
Turn someone's heart towards you while you completely immerse yourself in this black magic love spell. You'll only need a few things:
• 2 pink candles
• 2 white candles
• Piece of paper 
• Red marker
• Jasmine or Ylang Ylang oil

Before you begin, run yourself a hot bath. At the 4 corners of the tub, light the candles.

Then on the piece of paper, draw a large heart in marker and put your name and your intended lover's name in the center. Draw a larger heart around the first one (after the names are written in).

Rub a drop of oil into each corner of the paper, then fold into quarters. Hold the folded paper in your hands and repeat the two names out loud several times. Don't unfold the paper, and tear it into small pieces. Drop the pieces into the bath water.

Now you get in the tub. Stir the water around to help dissolve the paper, and rub the pieces on your body while you soak. Stay in the tub until the paper is completely broken down in the water.

Joining Together Photo Spell
If you want your potential lover to be stuck on you, this is the best of the black magic love spells. The photos you use shouldn't have anyone else in them except for you and him/her. Supplies for this spell:

• Photo of you
• Photo of the one you desire
• Red candle
• Pen or marker

On the back of the picture of him/her, write "I love you" and on the back of your photo, write "You love me". Light the candle and look at both photos, picturing the two of you together in real life. Drip candle wax on the front sides of both photos and quickly stick them together. Repeat the following:

Together as one
Under moon and sun

Slip the pair of photos under your pillow, and sleep with them there until your loved one is yours.

Anger Boils
Boiling water will help you harness your emotional energy into a potent little curse charm.
Get the water boiling on the stove, and toss in the salt (save at least one piece for later). Repeat the following:

Heat and power
This dead flower
By this curse,
I make it worse

Drop in the flower. Repeat the words again, this time saying your victim's name three times at the end. Repeat again. Watch the water boil and feel your own anger bubbling inside of you. Direct that energy into your spell, and then leave the pot to boil for a few more minutes. Do not let it boil dry! Take the pot off the heat, and pour the hot water into your bottle. Let it cool down and drop in another bit of salt. Seal up the bottle. Repeat the spell words again, including the name of your Keep the bottle somewhere safe until the curse has worked its magick.

A Belladonna Bottle
Herbal magick can be a good source of curse spells, though finding some belladonna may not be that simple because it is poisonous. And yes, this is another bottle spell. I'm just on a roll that way right now.

Put some bits of rust or metal in the bottom of the bottle along with the belladonna, and then drop in the sewing needle.

When the wax has started melting pick up the candle and drip some into the bottle. Try to fill it at least a third full (use a small bottle to keep it simple). It should cover over all the contents to keep it in place, though the sewing needle can still stick out of the wax. Say the words, "Poison you" five times and put the lid on the bottle. Bury the charm in your yard and it should start to work in a few days.

A Covet Candle

Do you know someone who has something you want? This is a spell designed to make them lose it and have it come to you instead. It's not a love spell to "take" a person though, this is for objects only.

And it may not work in a literal sense. If you want their TV, they can lose theirs through damage or theft and then you find yourself with extra money to buy your own. You don't always get their item exactly. You get the idea. It depends on the situation. 

Your supplies for this spell include:
  • A dark green candle
  • Hot red pepper flakes
  • Two images of the object you want
  • A fire-proof dish
  • You can use photos from newspapers or magazine, or make a drawing yourself. It doesn't have to be an exact photo of the actual object. Just a representation.
Put the two images together, face to face, with a sprinkling of red pepper flakes between them. Fold the pages in half, and then in half again. Make sure the flakes stay inside the paper. Repeat the following:

I covet and seek,
To take from the meek.
Bring this to me,
I wish it to be.

Visualize the person you wish to take the object from, and light the paper bundle on fire in the dish. Before it burns out completely, use the flames to light the candle. Repeat the words again, focusing on the object and the person who has Leave the candle to burn out on its own. You should time this spell so that some part of it is still going at midnight, even if its just the candle burning.

Sickness Descends

This is a spell to bring illness down on someone. You can use this kind of dark magic spell as a form of revenge, or to get someone out of the way when competing for something in your life (romance, a job, an actual competition).
  • A rotten egg
  • A photo or drawing of the person
  • Wood ash
  • A rusted pin or nail
Odds of having a rotten egg just sitting around are pretty slim, so you should plan on doing this spell in advance. Leave a whole (uncracked) raw egg out in the sun for several days until is starts to smell a little ripe. It can take a week or even more.

When you are ready to do this spell (try for a Saturday), remember that it will smell bad and you might not want other people home when you do it.

Set out the photo on a table, on a plate or tray. Puncture the egg with the rusted pin and crack it open over the photo. Let the gunk cover up the picture as you think about that person getting sick. Sprinkle wood ash over the rotten egg. Let everything sit for a few minutes. Again, concentrate on your intentions as you enjoy the aroma.

Then take the plate outside, and bury the whole mess with the photo facing downwards. Your target will be ill within a week.

If you want a stronger dark magic spell, there is a page of curse spells and revenge spells that might be more like what you're after.

Reflect and Revenge

Mirrors are very powerful for returning energy back to someone, and are perfect for revenge spells like this. You'll need a few supplies:
  • A small mirror
  • Black permanent marker
  • Long piece of black ribbon
  • Whole bay leaf
  • Burnt wood ash
If you can, cast this spell on a Saturday night. First write the person's name on the face of the mirror is big letters, then set the bay leaf over the name. Wrap the mirror and leaf in ribbon a few times, then add a generous pinch of ash over the leaf. Wrap a few more times and then tie with a solid knot.

Place one hand on either side of the mirror, and say:

From me to you,
Comes back times two.

Keep the wrapped up mirror charm under your bed, until you feel that your revenge has taken place. Don't leave it forever though. Once some bad luck has fallen on your adversary, remove it and dismantle the spell.

Black Moon Revenge Spell

Check the calendar for the next new moon, and plan to do this dark spell on that night. All you need is:

  • 1 black candle
  • Sharp tool to scribe the candle
  • Piece of onyx or jet
Carve the name of your target into the candle and set it into a candle holder. Focus on the wrong this person did to you, and watch the flame burn. When the candle has melted down enough to start melting where you wrote their name, take it out of the holder and drop several drips of melting wax over the stone.

While the wax is still soft, mark the person's first initial into the wax then let it cool and harden. Let the candle finish burning down, and leave the stone in a safe place (but out of sight) until your revenge has occurred. After that, bury the stone in the earth to end the spell.

If you are looking for other dark spells (possibly for other intentions), you can check on the page for real black magic spells for a few other options, or possibly the bad luck spells page.

There are also some new Voodoo revenge spells, if you want a little different flavor to your witchcraft. 

Pepper Pentacle

This is a general spell to cause bad luck or misfortune to fall on someone. All you need is:

  • White piece of paper
  • Black pepper
  • Pen
  • Black candle

Draw a pentacle on the paper, fairly large. Write your target's name in the center. Carefully sprinkle a fine line of pepper around the outline of the pentacle. Once done, light the candle and let it burn for a few minutes to get the wax melting.

Hold the candle over the pentacle and let several drops of wax fall on the person's name. Ideally, enough to cover the words. Then let the candle burn for an hour before putting it out. Leave your pepper sigil in place where it won't be disturbed until your spell has its effect.

A Rocky Road

This is an easy bad luck spell that you can use to target anyone in your life, even if you don't have any details about them.
  • A rough rock, about the size of your fist
  • Black paint
  • Slip of paper
  • Length of black yarn or ribbon
  • A whole dry bay leaf
Paint the rock black, and let it completely dry before you continue with this spell.

Write your intended target's name on the piece of paper. If you don't know their name, describe them ("my noisy neighbor" or something like that). Fold the paper over once and tie it to the rock along with the bay leaf. The paper should be against the stone. Tie the string or whatever you're using in a strong knot.

Set the stone in a dark place so that it's sitting on the piece of paper. Give the spell 3 days to start to take effect, and your chosen person will start having quite a run of bad luck.

Snake Eyes

Unexpected bad luck will show up for someone after doing this spell. The results are usually just one or two larger incidents of bad luck, rather than an ongoing streak (like the spell above).

  • A pair of dice
  • Black pepper
  • Access to outside

Dig a hole several inches deep. Set the dice in the bottom, with the 1s facing upward. Cover them over with pepper and repeat the following:

Your luck has run out,
You're in a hole.
Bad things will happen,
That's my goal.

Concentrate on the person you are sending this spell to, and then fill the hole in with dirt. Stomp on it good and hard to tamp it down, then just leave it to make its magick.

Embrace the Shadows

Get in touch with your darker side with this night ritual, performed on the night of a new moon. You'll need the following:

  • A dark bowl
  • Black ink
  • A sharp pin
  • Black pepper
  • 1 black candle
On the night of a new moon the sky is dark, and the perfect time to tap into your darker energies. Light the candle, but place it as far away from you as you can, but you should still be able to see what you're doing at your altar. The point is to work in shadow.

Fill the bowl with water, then add 9 drops of black ink. Wait for a few moments for the darkness to spread through the water. Sprinkle pepper on the surface of the water. Just a pinch is enough.

Now repeat the words of the shadow spell:

Shadows of darkness, spirits within
Harness the energy, let it begin
Draw down the moon
Bring me the shadows
I am ready to see
My other side

At this point, prick your finger with the pin and let a drop of blood fall into the water. Repeat the words a second time. Take the bowl outside and dump it all out into the Earth. You'll soon start to feel new connection to your darker shadow spirit.

The Shadow Speaks

This is a bit of a summoning spell, to address the very nature of the shadow.
  • A large mirror
  • A piece of black cloth large enough to cover the mirror
  • Patchouli incense
  • Black marker or paint
Use the marker or paint to draw the Theban symbols shown here in the 4 corners of the mirror. Lean your forehead to touch the center of the mirror for a few seconds, feeling the cold of the glass. Light the incense and drape fabric over the mirror.

Touch each of the 4 corners and then immediately rip away the cloth. In that instant, you'll get a strong impression or even see a message in the mirror from the shadow. It's a message you need right now but it may not be clear.

Dark Money

I don't normally mix dark witchcraft and money spells, but I thought this might suit some situations. This spell brings bad financial luck to your target, which can appear as a problem at work as well. It's about the money with this ritual.

  • Small jar
  • Vinegar
  • Whole black peppercorns
  • A few coins (any denomination)
Fill a jar with vinegar and at least 3 whole peppercorns. Drop in one coin at a time, saying "dark money, lost money" with each one. Seal up the jar and focus your energy on your target person.

Hold the jar in your hands and say the words one more time. Leave it somewhere quiet and dark (basement is best) and financial woes will soon begin.

The Garlic Bane

This spell is to capture someone's energy and put their life on hold. It doesn't really cause any harm, but they won't be able to really get anything accomplished until it's broken or you end the curse. You will need to have:

  • 2 glass jars with lids (a small one that fits inside the larger one)
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • A few pinches of wood ash
  • A few pinches of dirt
  • Water
  • White paper and a black marker

Choose your jars so that the little one will fit entirely inside the big one, including when lids are on. A pickle jar and a small jam jar would work fine, for example.

Use a heavy black marker (no pencil or ball point), to draw a pentacle on a piece of paper, then cut it out to fit inside the bottom of the big jar. Place the garlic cloves inside the smaller jar, and tighten the lid. Repeat the first words of the spell:

Moon will wax, moon will wane,
Now I cast the garlic bane.

Set the little jar inside the big one, on the piece of paper. Now mix ash and dirt in water, and pour into the big jar enough to cover the smaller jar. Doesn't have to be completely full, just enough to cover the jar with the garlic. Say:

My power and my might,

I bring it out this night.

I trap you in this jar

Now your luck is far

Suffer in an empty space

Living at a slow snail's pace

Nothing works, nothing gains

I cast on you, lots of pain

As the ink washes off the paper into the water, the spell will gain energy and start to work in a few days. Leave the entire thing on your altar for it to keep working. Repeat the words again over the jars to recharge the spell after a month, if necessary.

Black Cat Bone

This spell and curse is a variation on a classic hoodo spell, but with a twist. You don't need a bone from a black cat either. This ritual is a simple bit of black magick to bring harm or general bad luck to your victim.

  • An animal bone (any specific kind will do)
  • Black paint
  • Silver needle

On the night of the dark moon, paint the bone completely black (don't miss any bits). Let it dry, and then use the silver needle to scratch 5 small x's in the paint. You might want to get a bone big enough to allow this or it can be frustrating.

Now, you have to put the bone somewhere that the person you are targeting will find it and pick it up. You can't just hand it to them either. They have to find it on their own. It doesn't matter what they think or if they throw it away after. As long as they touch it once, the curse will begin.

Don't take these black spells and curses lightly. They can be powerful magick and may have more effect than you expect.

Shine a Dark Eye

Even dark magic can use the fiery energy of a candle's light. This spell is a unique curse to make someone think they are being watched, as if an eye is on them at all times. You don't actually see anyone, it will just give them a feeling of unease and increased paranoia.

  • 2 black candles
  • Round piece of clear glass
  • Black marker

The glass should be smooth and round, not a broken shard. Craft stores often have things like this, or you could use an old eyeglass lens. Anything like that will work.

Set the candles up so one is toward the west and the other is toward the east. You don't need a compass, but get it as close as you can. They should be about 3 to 4 inches apart.

Draw the shape of an eye on both of your palms in marker (washable ink is fine). Light both candles, and hold your hands over your eyes. Repeat the words:

I shine a dark eye

A spirit spy

Cannot escape

Asleep or awake.

Hold the glass lens between the two candles, using both hands. Continue the rest of the spell:

Watch through glass

My power lasts

Cannot escape

Asleep or awake.

Finally, hold the lens up to your eye, and look at both candles through it. Repeat your target's name 3 times. Set the lens on the table and let the candles finish burning out on their own.

Shadow Love

Another variation of free dark magic spells, to help someone fall in love with you. It's not as potent as some of my earlier black magic love spells, but it can be just enough magickal power to get the job done.

  • 1 large black candle
  • Photo or drawing of your intended target
  • 3 whole black peppercorns
  • Piece of black string, ribbon or yarn

Set your candle up on your altar table, near an open place on the floor (you need two surfaces for this spell). Once it's burning, stand so that you are casting a shadow on the floor. There, make a ring with the black ribbon and place the photo or other image inside.

Stand back up, keeping the photo still in your shadow. One at a time, drop the peppercorns onto the photo. With each one say, "Through the shadows, your heart is mine." Your intended lover will soon start to notice you.

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