On December 4, 1994, German ITC researcher Adolf Homes (Rivenich) received a letter on his Commodore 64 computer from Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess, 47 years after his execution for crimes against humanity. Here’s the letter from Hoess, describing the hell that he and many of his colleagues were sharing:

Rudolf Höss end on Terra. Contact attempt spirit through electromagnetic means.

To receiver:

Great grief is weighing down upon my group and me. I was responsible in the death factory. Blind obedience without reason created unimaginable pain, fear and death. I hear the screams of mothers and the death rattle of children.

The receivers must pray for Rudolf Hoess. Prayer helps. I am gasping for air since Poland 1947. The air is filled with gas. Please help us by praying. 65,000 spirits cry and scream. Their bodies are too heavy for us. Our doors are closed on the outside and ash is blinding our eyes. Where is God who forgives and takes away this curse of August 2, 1934?

Please stay away from teachings of racial superiority. Many want to help us, but the doors are closed. Please open the doors and air vents. We are being observed by animals through observation holes. Believe us, there is a hell. Where is God? We cannot perceive him.

Many people follow our actions in spirit. Please pray for them all. Through the fog we can see cows and lions fishing ashes out of the river and taking them to the synagogues.

In an infinite distance there are white roses illuminated by bright light. If we could reach those roses we would be free. Please pray for our freedom for we deeply regret our deeds.

signed, Rudolf Höss

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