Ace of Spades Spells

Dark witchcraft spells is really just another way of saying black magick, so don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s something “less bad”. Neither one is bad, just various shades of witchcraft that you can use when the right situation arises.

Ace of Spades

The ace of spades has long been associated with death and dark force and you can use that in your next spell. This particular bit of dark witchcraft will create illness for another person, though nothing life-threatening. You’ll need:

The ace of spades from a deck of playing cards
Rusted nail
Piece of black cloth
Piece of paper with black marker
Before you cast the spell, bury the cloth in the ground for 3 days. Dig it up and you’re ready to cast the rest of the spell.

Lay out the playing card, then a piece of paper with the other person’s name on it, then cover with the cloth. Drive a nail through the center of all 3 items (have something sturdy underneath, like a piece of wood). Say out loud the words of the spell:

By the power of my will,
Make this person get very ill.
Magick power, ace of spades,
Many days until it fades

Bury the whole charm where you had the cloth at the start. Leave it for 3 more days, then dig it up again. Burn it, and the spell is complete.

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