Types of Hauntings

If you are interested in becoming a ghost hunter, it is important that you gain an in depth understanding of the types of hauntings that you may experience while searching for proof of ghosts. If you watch paranormal shows on television like the Ghost Hunters TV Show, you likely already have a good, basic understanding of the types of hauntings that may be experienced while ghost hunting. In order to understand the spiritual realm, it is absolutely essential to ensure that you learn many basic ghost facts, experiences associated with real life ghost stories, what has happened to individuals throughout history that claim to have had ghost encounters, and information associated with real haunted places.

Residual Hauntings

The most common type of haunting are referred to as residual hauntings. While many consider these hauntings to be unique types of ghosts, they are not actually ghosts at all. The residual haunting is simply a form of energy. Many ghost investigators refer to these hauntings as a ”recording”. In many cases, apparitions, ghosts, and disembodied voices are nothing more than a type of recording that replays itself consistently as time progresses – forever staying stuck on the height of the emotion and event that occurred. Spirits that are considered to be residual hauntings do not interact or behave in an intelligent manner. They simply act in a repetitive fashion.

Intelligent Hauntings

The next type of haunting that you should become familiar with when learning the steps on becoming a ghost hunter is the intelligent haunting. These are often referred to by ghost investigators as ”true hauntings”. This stems from the fact that these hauntings are said to possess a form of consciousness that allows them to interact in an intelligent fashion with the living and/or other spirits that are considered to be intelligent. Individuals that experience intelligent hauntings will often find that the spirit attempts to communicate with them, objects move or become hidden, there are interferences with electricity and similar complications.

Demonic Hauntings

Perhaps one of the most frightening hauntings according to ghost investigators are demonic hauntings . In typical hauntings, a spirit may mean well. However, this is simply not the case when it comes to hauntings that are a direct result of demons. Despite popular belief that demonic hauntings may occur as a result of the anger of a human soul or a human spirit that intends to bring harm to others, demons are not at all human. Those that are weak on an emotional or a psychological level are the ones that are most likely to suffer the wrath and evil that these types of hauntings cause.

Poltergeist Hauntings

Ghost investigators are very familiar with hauntings that come as a result of poltergeists. Professional paranormal investigators, such as those on the Ghost Hunters TV Show often express their opinions and experiences with poltergeists, or ”Noisy Spirits”. If you are learning the steps on becoming a ghost hunter, it is important that you take the time to learn about this type of haunting because it is relatively common – even more common than demonic hauntings. There are many real life ghost stories of individuals and families that have suffered tremendously due to poltergeists.

The poltergeists that affect the living are able to successfully manipulate their surroundings in a physical manner. Individuals that are subjected to these types of hauntings may also be subjected to physical attacks that could result in bodily harm and psychological distress. Based on documented ghost investigations, it has been established that there are certain types of people that are most likely to be affected by poltergeists. These include those that are burdened by psychological chaos and fears, individuals that have a high level of psychic abilities, as well as those that are young. As a matter of fact, it has been established that females that are young seem to be the most common group subjected to poltergeists. Negative and oppressive energy assists in building the strength of poltergeists.

Phantom Hauntings

There are several real life ghost stories that feature phantoms. These are very interesting types of ghosts in that they resemble the living in such an intense fashion that many individuals do not realize that they are not true to life humans until something unusual occurs or strange phenomenon is experienced. Many stories are in circulation that pertains to phantom hauntings. In most cases, these stories are considered to be urban legends. However, for the ghost investigators that have researched ghost facts and ghost encounters with these types of hauntings, they consider them to be relevant and true paranormal phenomenon. Examples of these types of hauntings include the famous phantom hitchhikers and other types of phantom travelers.

Graveyard and Cemetery Shade Hauntings

Graveyard and cemetery shade hauntings are considered to be quite common throughout the United States and other regions of the world. In most cases involving these plots of land, it is established that the shade haunting that occurs is most often associated with an individual that has recently been laid to rest. It is believed that the spirits that classify under this type of haunting are nothing more than etheric based remnants of that individual. Many believe that the spirit of the recently deceased could be coming to terms with their fate or that they are waiting for their acceptance into the spiritual realm from the physical plane.

Crisis Hauntings

There are many real life ghost stories that include crisis hauntings. This type of haunting most often occurs when an individual is in the process of dying or has recently died. The spirits that are typically involved in these hauntings may be friends of the person or relatives that have died previously. In some instances, the spirits that are involved in a crisis haunting may be someone that is directly connected to an individual or individuals that are about to or have suffered through the crisis and/or loss that is occurring. In many instances, the crisis haunting does not last for an extended amount of time.

Object Hauntings

Ghost investigators are often called upon to research physical objects that are believed to be haunted. The objects that may be affected could be natural or they could be manufactured. It is often common to hear of haunted jewelry, haunted collectibles, and even haunted toys such as the famous real life ghost stories surrounding Robert the haunted doll. In most cases, the spirit elects to avoid haunting a person or a specific location. Instead, they anchor in a physical item. Despite the fact that many attempt to eliminate the spirit from the object that it haunts, attempts include many challenges.

Melancholic Hauntings

Throughout the history of ghost hunting and individuals sharing their real life ghost stories, melancholic hauntings have occurred. These are hauntings that come as a direct result of love, sadness, and/or betrayal in life. These types of hauntings are typically female spirits, but male spirits have also been associated with them. The stories that surround a ”Gray Lady”, ”Black Lady”, or even a ”White Lady” could be melancholic hauntings. In most cases, the actual haunting is residual, but there have been reports by ghost investigators of melancholic hauntings that are considered to be intelligent.

Battleground Hauntings

Many ghost investigators have experienced ghost encounters, heard ghost voices, as well as other ghost sounds in and around known battlegrounds. Not too many of these hauntings interact on an intelligent level. However, there do seem to be some spirits with some level of consciousness associated with battlegrounds. The emotions and energy runs so heavily in battle, that it is believed that energy recordings are created which result in residual based hauntings on battlegrounds around the world.

Animal Hauntings

In addition to human, demonic, and poltergeist hauntings, there are animal hauntings. If you are interested in learning the steps on becoming a ghost hunter, it is absolutely essential that you know and understand that animals have the ability to haunt people, places, and objects. There have been many reports of ghost cats, ghost dogs, ghostly birds, and other types of creatures throughout history. It is important to understand that animal hauntings could be forms of energy as well as intelligent hauntings.

Marian Hauntings

A very interesting type of haunting is referred to as ”Marian Hauntings”. The individuals that have ghost encounter, real life ghost stories, and other ghost facts pertaining to these hauntings are those that have directly experienced the energy or true conscious haunting of a spiritual or religious ghost. Examples include those that have claimed that they have seen the Virgin Mary as well as deceased popes, ministers, and other types of figures. These are not highly recognized as true hauntings among many and most turn into psychiatric cases as it is believed that the witness to these hauntings may have a mental complication such as schizophrenia or a physiological condition that induces hallucinations.

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