The Difference between a Ghost and Demonic Haunting (English)

The Difference between a Ghost and Demonic Haunting (English)

When things go bump in the night, the first thing that comes to your mind is that your home is haunted. However, the weird noises, chills down your spine,and strange happenings may not always be the work of a ghost.

You can’t rule out the other paranormal entities in this world, especially the most dangerous of all: demons. If you’re brave enough to try investigating what’s haunting you, here’s how you can differentiate between demons and ghosts.

The most common symptoms of a demonic haunting are:

  • Young children and/or pets reacting to something
  • Harmless apparitions that are disfigured since demons can’t take human form
  • Black dogs or growling noises from hidden entities
  • Being pinched, hit or slapped when nothing is there
  • Being held down, grabbed or sexually assaulted by an invisible thing
  • Fear-induced nausea or headaches
  • Scratches appearing on body despite no accidents taking place
  • Anomalous voices that may be too fast or very angry
  • Abrupt illness, feeling weary or faint, and experiencing daily fatigue
  • Inexplicable heart palpitations because you sense something evil
  • Hot spots or freezing areas wherever the demon manifests
  • Popping sounds that accompany strange activity
  • Noises occurring from within the foundation or walls of the home
  • Putrid smells or smells of sulfur
  • Negative or suicidal thoughts, feelings of mistrust, and inexplicable rage

The most common symptoms of a ghost haunting are:

  • Smelling perfume, tobacco or pipe smoke without seeing someone using them
  • Hearing the sounds of someone carrying out their daily routine (e.g. walking down the hallway towards a former game room)
  • Moving belongings to where THEY think they should go
  • Having a memory projected into your mind or sensing past activities or sentiments related to things
  • Displaying some of the traits of the deceased despite never meeting them (warning: this could be a sign of possession as well, so consult a specialist)
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