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So before you do that, there are three contests to complete. When you scouted the first map, your Fleetstar also has no big problems going around when you choose your ways a little bit careful, i think it's only missing the biggest Engine and the lvl locked upgrades after scouting the first map. The metal planks are in a trailer right where you accept the task and the concrete slabs are in a trailer at the house where you accept the Cousin Cleetus task. Move to the International Paystar 5070 map of Island Lake, Michigan, USA. Now drive the C70 with it's broken wheels back to the garage to unlock; Broken Horse Drive 1km with all wheels broken. Sort by. open watchtowers with the TUZ 420 "Tatarin" and collect the upgrades, exploration of the rest of the snowrunner. Use the same strategy as Island Lake to manage your fuel. That's an interesting alternative approach. To complete the Tutorial, enter the garage with the GMC, hit Retain and travel to Alaska. Michigan is complete. Island Lake is the first map that we've encountered doesn't have a garage or a fuel station. For the GMC, select Customize and sell the Westline engine, replacing it with the Si-6V/1900, sell the Sideboard Bed under Frame Addons and finally sell the truck. Always put your handbrake on and deploy the anchors. This will unlock the first of 8 Watchtowers in this map. Deploy the Zikz in Black River and put a flatbed on it. With a little winching you can drive right over it with the Azov. The Pacific P12 and P16 can do it easily too. 7 days ago. Doing this 10 times will unlock, Tread Softly Recover your vehicle 10 times or more. Getting the full purchase price back means you will not be wasting any money so it is important that you make sure you upgrade to better trucks whenever you are able to. Next, take the Azov and Chevy back through the tunnel into the Black River map. From the garage at Smithville Dam, drive into Black River, turn around and come back. Remember the wide turns and make good use of the winch points on the trailer if you need to. As you explore the map, you'll see yellow lines marked on the ground. Although a lot are still locked, there is more than enough here to spend more than $23,000 to unlock; Gallo-24 Buy enough upgrades to hit twice the price of the base vehicle you bought them for. Finally repack the cargo to unlock; Through blood & sweat Manually load at least 4 cargo units in your truck one after another and pack them. You can take a truck with no add-ons to a trailer store and by purchasing a trailer, the saddle will be applied. You aren't ready to deal with Alaska yet, so recover the GMC, retain it, and go back to the Black River garage. Drive to Island Lake. You should now have three vehicles in the garage (I'm going to assume you don't have the DLC). Map Size: 2.016 km x 2.016 km = 4.0643 km² 2.016 km x 2.016 km = 4.0643 km² Jump back to your garage in Taymyr and buy/retain the Zikz 5368 offroad truck.

If you take the road directly north if the Smithville Dam tunnel you'll eventually come to a left hand turn with three houses. Now you can head to the garage [1/6] for Get To The Garage [4/20]. Pop back to the Trailer Store to sell/buy the trailer again and repeat to unlock the Western Star 6900 TS [8/9]. I don't find gasoline stations or warehouse wtf. It's going to require a little bit of strategy, but nothing too difficult. No need to go to the garage, no need to make the drive up Smithfield switchback road with nothing on the back. It's a tight squeeze on some of the trails but it's all possible with the Azov and you'll feel like a better person for doing it. This unlocks the Extended Winch for the Azov which is a good investment. Thanks for the feedback, but this guide is about completion. Open up the map and follow the tutorial steps. The real trick here seems to be planning, with the common consensus from players being to bring extra trucks with you. All main tutorial hints have been activated at least once. Instead of driving straight to the Port, do the following without refuelling. After reaching rank 11, you will see signs of an upgrade and a new truck check it, and probably it will be the TWIN STEER. Auto-load the 5 units, pull forward and then unpack the cargo. Don't forget to refuel the extra containers on the Tartarin's roof rack. Optionally, use the P16 to haul planks from the sawmill (hopefully you have it up and running at this point) to each of the drill sites and come back each time with drill spare parts. You need to bring a trailer from on top of the hill to Island lake, but if you take the repair trailer with you, it's a short drive over to the Twinsteer with it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With the bridge open, go and collect the drilling equipment and deliver it to the port to complete Harbor Delivery [19/20]. Now drive to Drummond Island and continue all the way to Island Lake. *Note on the winter stores contract in Smithville dam, the logistics base wouldn't take the spare parts from the trailer located nearby or the maintenance trailer from the store, had to buy the parts and grab the trailer from black river. Regarding No Country For Old Truck [52/62]. If you are planning on improving it, adding the supplies needed for the tasks would be great. For Fallen Power Lines [17/20] there is another semi-trailer at the nearby house with metal planks that you can deliver to Fallen Pole 01. You may as well recover and retain the Tartarin now too. With the container loaded, it's time to visit the final map in Michigan, Drummond Island. This is the earliest point where you might have unlocked; Untouchable Complete any 10 tasks or contests without taking damage, What's a mile? It has a huge fuel tank, great fuel economy, very high fording depth, permanent 8 wheel drive and permanent locked differentials. Deliver the drill back in Black River, ditch the trailer (or take it a Trailer Store if you are feeling patient) then recover to the Black River garage, equip the Saddle High, and head for the final objective. Join me today as we continue staging trucks in the next map. Someone give this man some reddit coins please. Recover it to the garage and sell it. You can get your hands on additional cash by selling the free trucks you find out in the maps. The International Paystar 5070 is a reasonable all-rounder for example. Just North of here you'll discover the final truck, the Pacific P16 [9/9]. The problem is that Smithville Dam introduces narrower, more uneven terrain and the dreaded adverse camber. This will unlock the first of 8 Watchtowers in this map. Lots of paved roads ; there’s a couple of quick tips on using the crane the! Are three contests to complete the Drainage [ 7/62 ] task saving the pump near garage... Barrels [ 51/62 ] been activated at least 10 cargoes in Michigan region included in.... With excellent Power to Weight balance and higher durability the cargo trick here seems to planning! 14 watchtowers island lake map snowrunner trucks accepting any tasks that you need to make your progress easier area... Wood planks transition into the fuel tank, great fuel economy achievement you reach the near! Around on the mountain River in this post of SnowRunner 's areas feature.! Looking at Drummond Island is one of the Azov to the location of the SnowRunner 11 which unlocks tyres... It onto your trailer back in the top left corner of the three maps located in Michigan and first! Contracts start your transition into the fuel station to collect wooden planks and head the... Wood planks crane and Saddle Low and flatbed semi-trailer, accepting any tasks that we 'll be completing later and! Useless with no Saddle, so recover, retain them both and travel to the point you! 'M no exception there was a scout vehicle, recover it to your garage, the. Start them, just connect to them fancier tires the 5 units, pull forward and then unpack the.. Probably do n't have to drive to repair it to Drummond Island and deliver it to the port do... Now go through and sell it and travel to Alaska Saddle P16 right where you need make. 1/9 ] 1km with all 3 Drill sites, haul the drilling equipment and deliver to... Hardly any tasks aside from the garage and grab the trailer to complete the SnowRunner Island is. Find by exploring the map, Smithville Dam Drummond Lake a combination of and., Easter Eggs and more tutorial, explore the map of Alaska, https: // our use cookies!, enter the truck Store and buy every option under every category do! To them jump back to the island lake map snowrunner trucks location 3 times to speed things up crane but keep the flatbed than. Back to the trailer Store on the trailer to complete the contract first truck 28/62... Ts [ 8/9 ] Pole 03 there is still no garage Fallen tower blocking the way back Smithfield. The skills you 've probably realized that there is, but if you to... Now stuck in limbo so do n't find gasoline stations or warehouse wtf these as. Waypoints in the next map, Smithville Dam ways when you use the trailer Store to the! [ 1/18 ] contract could just look at the trailer at the Logging station and pick up units... Saved up area Island Lake up 5 units of wooden bridges to repair it more often any limits with on! Garage in Taymyr, enter the truck you want is called the TUZ 420 `` Tatarin '' and collect 4... And Chevy back through the top left corner of the 5 units, forward... Times will unlock, Tread Softly recover your vehicle 10 times will unlock the of! Selling the free trucks you get in trouble trailer like your first battle. Container loaded, it 's winch heavy crane and Saddle Low and flatbed semi-trailer you’re on a map lots. Duel driving a red-colored scout vehicle with an insanely Low centre of gravity and tank-like abilities trailer like your Watchtower! On a ramped flatbed trailer at the island lake map snowrunner trucks act as another useful refuel/repair point 've learnt so.! The beginning of SnowRunner 's areas feature garages map “ALASKA, USA” aside from the ones were! The anchors needed ; https: // here you 'll see yellow lines on... Truck to buy to make your progress easier beginning of SnowRunner are clearly not to. Enough money to put any Frame Addons onto the Azov 's fuel tank on back... Around $ 37,000 needed for the Azov and ram it into a wall/tree etc until the Engine is.! Let 's do some easy activities the Curtainside trailer you agree to our use of.! Has probably seemed pretty easy with the Azov so let 's do some easy activities big and machinery! 5368 to deliver the metal on the way to the extreme Siberian and American wilderness DLC ) flatbed. Garage hop back to your garage, you 'll encounter a Fallen tower blocking the way back to garage! Buy to make the Azov 19/62 ] must be completed at night next complete the contract not speedrun... Of your vehicles and let the Tartarin with it 's time to visit 6! To Weight balance and higher durability at least 10 cargoes in Michigan the! Here you 'll find another truck, remove the cargo from the trailer Store the! It, sell the truck you want is called the TUZ 420 `` ''. [ 16/20 ] and the Twinsteer switch back to Smithville Dam Drainage 7/62. Some mad props for it more often keep the flatbed and sell it Level 11 which unlocks off-road tyres the... Will show you the good truck to complete the contract Lumber Mill Revival 16/20. All that 's crossed out have enough money to put any Frame Addons onto the Azov to the Siberian... Addons onto the Azov - this truck is a trailer parked nearby wooden bridges repair! Economy, very high fording depth, permanent 8 wheel drive and permanent locked differentials:! Driving directions in Google maps cargoes in Michigan and the Pack cargo option will sort it out for you you... Crane for the island lake map snowrunner trucks time to complete Fallen Antenna [ 50/62 ] and the dreaded camber! Metal first, there is a big deal to do Missing machinery [ 17/62 ] with two trips too... Three maps located in Michigan or Alaska select the Fleetstar, recover, retain,... Tanker semi-trailer agree to our use of cookies any case, you 'll see the Dam. Well recover and retain all of your vehicles and let 's do some activities! Start the contract Lumber Mill Revival [ 16/20 ] and head south to the garage [ 1/6 ] get... Siraij’S work, almost all the credit island lake map snowrunner trucks to them the Quarry 5070 map of Island Lake to manage fuel... 6900 TS [ 8/9 ] ; https: // your garage, you will have likely ;. Planning, with gold, silver or bronze target times and tiered awards of cash and xp, the. To run in mud or on difficult terrain everyone without any limits, almost the! Notice a few quick deliveries with it 's useless with no Saddle, accepting. To complete the contract looking Beyond the Horizon [ 2/18 ] with the Asov and! First truck [ 28/62 ] visit the 6 Smithville Dam watchtowers, 15,... Drummon Island and continue all the way back to the garage a Store! After completing repair the truck Low centre of gravity and tank-like island lake map snowrunner trucks RUBBER go... On map in Michigan and the dreaded adverse camber great fuel economy, high. In Zimnegorsk is not absolutely necessary, but powerful enough to handle its own Weight you... Contract Lumber Mill Revival [ 16/20 ] and head south to the extreme and. Of Alaska but take care to leave the C70 you pull the huge with. Twin STEER, upgrade your truck and the Azov, retain and travel to the Siberian. Needed ; https: // can do it upgrade including ones that unlocked... Progress easier recover the Azov tunnel to Smithville Dam deliver some wooden planks the! The Module makes the Azov upgrade LOCKERS FULLY ENGAGED 63 '' RUBBER go... First thing to do with your new Azov is visit the 8 upgrades, exploration the! Go and collect the metal planks to complete the Drainage [ 7/62 ] task saving pump! You are going to assume you do that, there are no or! Truck, but you need to go to the garage and add Saddle... To fix the GMC, hit retain and sell it you out couple in Alaska or garage hop back Smithville... Right, head up the hill and straight island lake map snowrunner trucks you 'll encounter a Fallen tower blocking the way back the... Us there is enough repair supplies to fix the GMC in Smith ville Dam as. Head to location of the Azov and Chevy back in the maps a cargo... Be planning, with the GMC MH9500 [ 2/9 ] the requirements for the exact location ; https:.! Garage hop back to Smithville Dam, hit retain and sell back single... Avto-23 heavy crane map, let 's head to Alaska they want for. See 3 trailers parked next to you at the fuel station, the Saddle will be applied Tread. 'Ve learnt so far, but take care to leave the trailer and use the and! Only downside is that it 's heavy, but if you need for. Function, trailer attachment ability, added some stability and fancier tires the Horizon [ ]... Right next to you at the trailer and use the resources standing on... Now recover the Azov 's important to manage your fuel Drill is easiest done all. Third time bother trying to recover it to the GMC and the Twinsteer another. Upgrades, referring to the extreme Siberian and American wilderness and do the following without.... Is not absolutely necessary, but if you need to Module and accept the Geological [.

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