Eerie Creature Appears Behind Woman During Video Chat

A woman in Washington State suspects that she was visited by some kind of paranormal entity after an eerie figure appeared behind her during a video chat. Lori Simmons allegedly spoke to a friend about an app that records video calls when the strange incident occurred. Her largely inconspicuous conversation about Simmons’ plans to buy a new bed took a creepy turn as a person’s silhouette appeared behind her as she moved around her house.

The strange intruder was noticed by her confused girlfriend, who asked if there was anyone else in the house, and the confusion turned to concern when Simmons said she was the only one there. After being alerted to the mysterious stranger in the video, she looked at it on her cell phone and “my heart jumped into my throat. I couldn’t believe what I saw.” According to Simmons, the material was so disturbing that it actually brought her to tears.



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Author: Moon

En Dalmas som älskar det paranormala


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