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This past weekend’s episode of “Ghost Adventures” was one of the absolute most frightening ones in the series’ storied history. Season 13’s 4th episode, entitled “Reseda House of Evil,” will probably go down in history as maybe having captured some of the most compelling evidence of demonic activity to date.

In the episode: A home in Reseda, California, is rumored to be so evil that inhabitants become drug addicts, and some have been driven to suicide. During Zak and the crew’s investigation, emotions run high; and it becomes a struggle for everyone to keep their sanity.

What’s most compelling about this episode, which was rife with really unnerving stuff, is something that Zak, Aaron, Billy, and Jay hadn’t noticed until after the show had aired, when it was brought to their attention by both myself and some other fans.

Below you’ll find a series of images taken from a quick scene just past the 30-minute mark of the episode. The scene itself was only about 2 seconds long… but once you see it… you cannot unsee it. Just above Zak’s left shoulder sitting atop the refrigerator in the Reseda home, what appears to be a face had manifested.

I then reached out to Zak to get his opinion. “I can’t say if it’s a demon or just some type of explainable matrixing,” said Bagans. “It definitely has the appearance of some type of face.”

Zak went on to tell me he didn’t notice anything like the face at the time of the investigation, but he and the team are currently reviewing the footage. For now we’ll label this one as “unexplained.”

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